Jeff Harmer
Teresa Harmer

I am Jeff, membership secretary of the group.

I am a member of the Local Leadership Team at Kingsnorth & Shadoxhusrt churches and have been associated with the group for over 10 years after my eldest son, Nathaniel, joined. Since then all 3 of my sons have been with the group.

I am ably assisted by my wife, Teresa, both at shows and at times in taking our weekly attendance register.  Teresa has also used her artistic talents for the last few shows and often regularly now designs a cover for our show programmes.

Ian Rich
Teresa Sharp

My name is Ian Rich. I am the Chaplain at the John Wallis Church of England Academy and a member of the ministry Leadership Team at Kingsnorth and Shadoxhurst churches. As well as being one of the church links for Ark Drama, I can generally be found helping with refreshments on a Tuesday evening, leading a prayer at the end of our meetings and trying to keep everybody sane around show times.

My name is Teresa Sharp and I help Ark Drama by providing and selling sweets to the youngesters of the group. I also sell these sweets on show days and have done so since all 3 of my sons, Gary, Robert and Adam, have been involved with Ark Drama 2000.

Ceri Williams

Ceri has been a member of Kingsnorth & Shadoxhurst churches for over 14 years; her connection with Ark Drama began about 11 years ago when her son Ronan was a member. When daughter Rhiannon later joined, Ceri became more involved, eventually joining the leadership team. Known as the ‘Ark Drama Mum’ Ceri tends to sort out refreshments, ensure any show venues are as clean and tidy as possible, and help with pastoral matters. She can also be rather bossy and is rather good at ensuring a fair distribution of biscuits!

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