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    There is a lot of hard work that goes on behind the scenes within Ark Drama 2000 to make sure that each show that the group performs in, whether it be a showcase, a staged performance, or a performance at a village fete or a charity concert is a successful one and keeps people talking about the group and returning to shows.
    Some of the leaders have been a part of the group since it's formation, others have become leaders through the years and some are ex members who have grown through the group and have made the step to teach the next generation.
    Stage Tech Team


    Robert Sharp

    Peter Webb




    Hilary Walker

    Frederick Webb

    Refreshments and Front of House


    Jeff Harmer

    Teresa Harmer

    Ian Rich

    Teresa Sharp

    Ceri Williams

    Choreographers and Directors


    Rhiannon Webb

    Hannah Sharp

    Media and Marketing

    Frederick Webb

    Amy Williams


    Lis Webb